Shorter-than-usual gnome with whispy blond hair and a vividly violet cloak.


Game statistics for Panaxth are not described.


Panaxth saved the characters from an eternity as a medusa’s lawn statues. He just happened to show up 1000 years later than the characters would have liked. A being of power unknown to the PCs, Panaxth has meddled in their affairs often. Providing tips, assistance, confounding “advice,” some gold here and there, indirect access to artifacts, condescending “little talks,” etc, the PCs don’t quite know what to make of the little bastard.

On the one hand, Panaxth has saved their lives multiple times, increased their personal long-term and short-term wealth, has provided valuable information absolutely necessary to their survival, and even hooked them up with an artifact. On the other hand, he makes a habit of being infuriatingly cryptic, provides short answers to long questions that simply drive more questions, gets them in trouble on and off, and seems to be somehow able to either generate or facilitate mass panic. To make things worse, an angel sent by an unknown power has warned the characters to not trust him.


Ulteem Ferrovax